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I guess I'm back? This place has come a long way.

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A lot has been going on with my life lately. Some good...a lot bad. I unfortunately haven't been able to work on anything new since I released Rebirth 2019. Speaking of that, I'm going to replace the current one that's here, due to it sounding like a total wreck in my ears.

Anyways, I'm currently in a very low state of mind right now. My birthday that recently happened on July 20th, made my state of mind a lot worse. Let's just say, no one was around. On top of that, some bad life situations. Nothing life threatening, just numerous obstacles in my way that are stunting my growth in life. One of them being my living situation...and the future of it. I won't go into detail, but I'm honestly doing the best I can to prevent myself from being basically homeless. I have til November. If I can't get over these obstacles, my life as I know it is basically over. I won't have anywhere to stay, I already don't have anyone near me that I can go to. All I know right now is that I currently cannot do some of the things I want to do.

"Why are you making this entire thing public?"

I feel like I don't have anyone near me that is willing to listen to me just rant...let alone cry. I never really got that kind of emotional support. People have their own shit going on internally as well, so I just suffer, and find someway to just get things off my chest. It's all I got.

At this point, I'm just rambling on. Wish me luck....

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