Super Street Fighter 4!!!

2010-04-30 22:50:29 by CrimzonWolf777

So...I've kinda been grinding on SSF4 lately cuz I'm part of the SoVA (South Virginia for those that don't know...) community. Besides that, alot has been going on lately and I haven't had a song in my head since. Long story short, my boss is tryin to get me fired. I'm currently looking for another job while trying to hold on to this one.

Other than that, I'm still around...checking any reviews I rarely get nowadays. I'm working on to re-release some songs that I've changed up/remastered such as: Light of the World, Eternal, Paradise I and II, and others that I need to redo. Songs for Sonic Megamix IV is getting researched. So far I have half the list for it. Yes Deth Egg from Sonic and Knux will be on there...I was planning to have it in the mix.

If you play Super Street Fighter IV look me up! I'm in the top 20 of the Adon ranks (surprisingly). ^_^v


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